Ginger Medium


Ginger – Medium-flavour, medium style.

If you love Ginger you will love this table wine. The wine we make for all spicy foods. One of our favourites. A medium flavour, neither sweet nor dry.

This ginger wine is made for all spicy food . Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, some Indian, Japanese but absolutely perfect with Thai food. We have modified this Ginger wine over the previous 5 years to best suit the average palate and this is it folks. It has the typical aroma of ginger and still has a bit of a bite at the back palate. If you like ginger you will find that it is an excellent casual drinking wine.

Ginger is widely used in Asian cooking for its crisp, spicy and refreshing taste and its ability to enhance the flavours of delicate dishes such as certain seafoods. It is said to possess medicinal qualities that aid digestion, alleviate nausea, combat cold and stimulate the appetite for food and sex.